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Jul 29, 2010


Brad, Nick, and David sit down to talk about Limbo and the Alan Wake DLC.


Games Played:
Brad's Blips
Limbo (Everyone)
Alan Wake: The Signal (Nick & David)
Borderland's Nolan

Street Fighter & Tekken
Marvel vs Capcom 3 Characters
Tactics Ogre & Yasumi Matsuno Return
PS3 Update
Kojima Adventures
Twisted Metal
Alice Returns

Chatter 4 the Week
Alexander (RoughPlague) vs. Melvyn (falconpuunch)

Community News
PAX Panel

Viewer Questions Answered This Week:
How to Deal with Sequels (Aptom)
Killing Satisfaction (Tomozulo)
Not Being Jaded? (WarpedPixel)
Real Life Fears, Loves, Hates (Old Toaster)
Checkpoints = Laziness? (SSA316)
Not Game Series (Zekana)

4Player Minute