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Aug 16, 2010

4playerpodcastitunesBio means life? Then why is the game called BioShock? Coincidentally Nate from BioWare joins Brad, Nick, and David to talk about Dragon Age: The Awakening, Mod Nation Racers, Kane & Lynch 2, Dragon Quest IX, Shin Megami, Fallout 3, Mafia II, and P.B. Winterbottom


Games Played:
Dragon Age: The Awakening (Brad)
Mod Nation Racers (Brad)
Kane & Lynch Demo (Brad & Nick)
Dragon Quest IX (Nate)
Shin Megami Tensei & Persona 4 (Nate)
Fall Out 3 (Nick)
Mafia II (Brad & Nick)
P.B. Winterbottom (David & Brad)

BioShock: Infinite
Gearbox & Duke Nukem?
Volitions Action RPG?
Rage on the iPhone?
Valve's DotA
Arkane Studios

Chatter 4 the Week: Alex D. (NoChat) vs. Sam (Dr.RoboChach)

Viewer Questions Answered This Week:

Fanwork Changing Opinions (Zekana)
Hyped Game Turns Mediocre (Osirisk)
Pointlessly Difficult (WarpedPixel)
Castlevania DLC Tie-In (StrykeBlayde)
Change in Gameplay (Darkalexz)
Unsettling Moment (Guardinnome)
What's Better for Demo? (Reg1432)

4Player Minute