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Feb 16, 2011

4playerpodcastitunesIt is officially official, Activision is taking over the world. Aside from discussing our usual impressions, we spend an absurd amount of time discussing the bold moves taken by Activision in the previous week. Whether it is contemplating the consumption of Take Two or axing an entire mainstream genre of games, Activision certainly does not screw around when it comes to world domination. On a lighter note, Double Fine is making a Sesame Street game... for the Kinect! Wait... what? It's a strange, somewhat depressing week but we certainly make the best of it as usual so tune in!


Games Played:
Dragon Age Origins (David/Nick)
Dead Space 2 (Nick)
Stacking (Brad)

News: (Announcements)
Double Fine is making a Sesame Street game for the Kinect
Bizarre Creations closes it's doors
Hudson is shut down
Namco is stupid
Activision cancels the 'Hero' series
Activision cancels True Crime Hong Kong
Activision thinking about purchasing Take Two
Clint Mancell composing music for Mass Effect 3
Arcana Heart 3 on PSN
Mirror's Edge 2 canned?

Chatter 4 the Week: CrzyDoey12 vs. Mr. Oblivion

Viewer Questions:

4Player Minute

Music this week comes from Mirror's Edge

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