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Mar 29, 2011

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It's Nintendo 3DS day and we celebrate as we always do by talking about it! Brad raves about his latest under-appreciated gem, Monster Tale, before Nick let's his love for Crysis 2 rain from the heavens. The biggest news this week is that Duke Nukem was delayed so don't expect much on that front. We make up for it with another fun filled community segment and some viewer questions. If you want to see how easily we get side tracked from viewer Q&A, this might be the show for you. 2011 continues to impress so dive back into our glorious, gyrating show. You know... sometimes I wish the ESRB would rate our show and write a description of it for us to release to the public. It would be funny and it would save me the time and effort of having to pull these show descriptions out of my ass every week. Cheers!


Games Played:
Okamiden (David)
Monster Tale (Brad)
Crysis 2 (Nick/Brad/David)
Prince of Persia 2008 (David)
Nintendo 3DS (Nick)

News: (Announcements)
Machinarium developer working on 3 new games
Duke Nukem Delayed… again

Open game night
Your Way Wednesday Poll - Majora's Mask/Minecraft/LBP2
Who is this man?

Chatter 4 the Week:
RedUnit10 vs. CautiousFaust

4Player Minute

Music this week comes from Crysis 2
Track: Epilogue

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