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Jun 16, 2012

The theme on this weeks episode is busty women performing heroic feats like slicing through waves of killer zombies with a glitzy chainsaw or stabbing potential rapists through the face with sharp, sharp glass. You guessed it! Lollipop Chainsaw has landed and made a splash in the way that any Suda 51 game should! In the second segment, the conversation switches to our distaste for the the long-running focus on Tomb Raider as an over-sexualized portrayal of women in games. We welcome back Mike and Kris for another hard hitting episode of 4Player Podcast!

Podcast 274 - [download]

Lollipop Chainsaw
Viewtiful Joe
Batman Arkham City DLC
Tribes Ascend
Pikmin 2 Wii
Dragons Dogma

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