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Apr 30, 2009


Thoughts on Ace Combat 6, The Last Remnant, Haunting Ground, Fat Princess and Chibi Robo. Also, the news, community segment and the 4player Minute.

109 - The Gyrating Show [download]

Thank Nick for the quick turn...

Apr 28, 2009


Top Five Games: #21-25


Apr 25, 2009


David, Max & Travis have Mini-burgers and talk about what they've been playing.

Apr 25, 2009

4playerpodcastWe talk about our impressions and then have a discussion about who's buying the Wii and how it will effect everyone else.

108 - The Wii Sales Discussion [download]

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Apr 20, 2009


Brad and Nick joined my along with Special Guest Chris David from HookedGamers.

023 - FireBowl With The Guys