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Jun 30, 2009


This week a full show. Brad talks about Ghostbusters, Point Lookout, and Hitman. Travis talks about Sims 3. David talks about Henry Hatsworth and Legendary Starfy. We go over some news topics. Then we talk about PortCon and the community while answering some viewer questions. And of course end the show with the...

Jun 22, 2009


Super PortConMaine 2009 Panel with David and Travis discussing themes in anime, parent/child gaming, working as a group and origins of 4PP.

120: David and Travis at PortCon

Jun 22, 2009


With Travis and David in Maine for PortCon, Nick and Brad are left to hold the show together. Tune in to find out what kind of job they do.

Jun 14, 2009


David, Travis, and Brad are back for discussing what we've played.

118: The Layup Show

Jun 11, 2009


Brad, Nick, & David go over their Top 5 games of E3 2009, with honorable mentions and dishonorable ones.