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Dec 30, 2016

og:image:, Feedback from Our Last Episode , Nier Automata (Demo) , Gravity Rush 2 (Demo) , Valkyria Revolution (Demo) , Watch Dogs 2 , Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun,

It's our final show of 2016 and we have a bunch of demos for some exciting new games coming in early 2017! The demo for Nier Automata definitely left us wanting more and Gravity Rush 2 has our attention despite being mildly divisive. Unfortunately, the Valyria Revolution demo left us all sad about the current state of...

Dec 24, 2016

og:image:, Christmas Gift Exchange , Feedback from our last Episode , Dead Rising 4 , Watch Dogs 2 , Let It Die , ,

It's December and we are mere days away from Christmas so we usher in the Christmas spirit by opening the show with our annual gift exchange! Continuing the Christmas Spirit, Chris Davis shares his views on Dead Rising 4; a game that has combined our love for Zombie evisceration with the fun of the holiday festivities!...

Dec 16, 2016

og:image:, Feedback from Our Last Episode , Let It Die , Resident Evil 7 VR (Demo) , The Last Guardian , Final Fantasy XV , Questions from Our Patrons , ,

As the year comes to a close, we are still up to our elbows in some of the biggest games of the year. Let It Die has firmly got it's hooks into most of the group yet Nick remains vigilant in the face of overwhelming odds. We revisit The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV for some more late game impressions and Nick...

Dec 10, 2016

og:image:, Feedback from Our Last Episode , The Last Guardian , Final Fantasy XV , Let It Die , Video Game Awards Reactions , Playstation Experience Reactions,

What a time to be alive! Not only do we continue our discussion of Final Fantasy XV (a game that is real and playable), we have actually sunk our teeth into The Last Guardian (Another game that is real and playable in 2016)! Between that and the sudden release of Let It Die, the announcements coming out of the VGAs and...

Dec 2, 2016

og:image:, Feedback from Our Last Episode , Final Fantasy XV , Watch Dogs 2 , Pokemon Moon , Persona 4: Golden , Dishonored 2,

With only a month left in 2016, we find ourselves in the midst of some of the biggest releases of the year! We devote the first half of this week's show to the long awaited release of Final Fantasy XV before moving onto other big games like Watch Dogs 2, Pokemon Moon, and more!

Podcast 481 - [download]

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