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Jan 19, 2011


It's 2010's last hurrah! Prepare yourselves for the 4Player Podcast 2010 Annual End of Year Award Show! In part 1, Nick, Brad, and David cover their individual winners in the following categories:

Best Download Game
Best Multiplayer Mode
Best Co-Op Play
Most/Least Improved Franchise
Best/Worst Game Nobody Played
Best Handheld
Best DLC Add-On
Biggest Surprise
Biggest Disappointment
Best Game from Another Year
Out of Comfort Zone Award
Biggest Regret
Best Debut
Best New Character
Best Original Soundtrack
Best World
Most Underrated
Best/Worst New Trend
Best Story
Best Visual Style
Best New Mechanic
Best Boss Fight
Best Console Exclusives (Wii/Xbox 360/PS3)
Sexiest Character
Best/Worst Announcement
Number 11 Award
Fuck/Marry/Kill (Bonnie [RDR], Trip [Enslaved], Tali [ME2])



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