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Jan 21, 2024

Its 2024 and we are kicking things off with some indie gems and some closer looks at a few big games coming to Xbox later this year. Chris Davis gives us his thoughts on last year's Trepang2 which has us all spiraling about the state of Monolith and the potential (or lack thereof) for a return of the FEAR franchise. Brad talks about two games that seem tailor made for him; Cobalt Core has DNA from both card-based deck builders and FTL; Kingsvein is a super dynamic and systems driven strategy game that feels like a Final Fantasy Tactics game with a heavy dose of immersive sim. In the second segment, we discuss our reactions to Microsoft's latest "Developer Direct" presentation which gave us closer looks at Avowed and Senua's Saga: Hellblade II. Of course, we also got our first look at Machine Games new project, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

  • Housekeeping - GOTY Plans + Fantasy Critic superdrops
  • Impressions - Trepang2
  • Impressions - Cobalt Core
  • Impressions - Kingsvein
  • Headlines - A closer look at Avowed (Microsoft Dev Direct)
  • Headlines - Hellblade 2 details and release date (Microsoft Dev Direct)
  • Headlines - Debut of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle (Microsoft Dev Direct)
  • 4Player Minute