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Mar 25, 2011

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It's official. We are gonna burn in hell after this one. We come back to our regularly scheduled podcast; hot off the tails of PAX East 2011. We play catch up by talking about games for a good hour and a half before the conversation spirals out of control and goes full retard. We had to skip viewer questions this week so Carlos can tell his perverse story about how he watched animated hardcore pornography in a room packed full of dudes. It was a fun show (...and possibly very offensive) so join us once again as we take the topic of gaming and cram it into your ear holes.


Games Played:
Prinny 2 (David)
Dragon Age 2 (Nick/Brad)
Parasite Eve (Carlos)
Crysis 2 (Carlos/Nick)
Homefront (Carlos)
Mortal Kombat Demo (Nick/Brad)
Heavy Rain (Carlos)

News: (Announcements)
Dragon Age 2 User Review
Gun Loco Cancelled
New Mass Effect 2 DLC
Quantic Dream's next game might have a title
Motorstorm Apocolypse delayed following earthquake in Japan
Disaster Report 4 cancelled following earthquake

Chatter 4 the Week:
PaulyCanoli (?) vs. Kara (not even gonna try to spell her chat name)

4PP Panel at Anime Matsuri 2011
Carlos hentai/speed dating story
Your Way Wednesday results (Bully/Saints Row 2/Way of the Samurai)

4Player Minute

Music this week comes from Dragon Age 2
Track 1: Dragon Age 2 Theme

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