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Sep 8, 2011

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On this extra long edition of 4Player Podcast, we talk aboutDiablo 3... actually... Brad talks about Diablo 3. In impressions, we discuss new releases like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Dead Island while David brings the discussion back to a few classics like the original Prey and Tomb Raider Underworld. The remainder of the show plays out in it's usual ridiculous, entertaining manner with a full news and community segment. It's a long show this week but it will be worth your while to listen! Be sure to drop your comments and opinions in the comments below! And don't forget to vote for Jack's on the Tester Audtions by clicking the link below:



Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Brad/Nick/Nolan)
Dead Island (Nick)
Tomb Raider Underworld (David)
Catherine (David)
Prey (David)

Radiant Silvergun coming to the US on Sept 14
Little King Story sequel coming to the Vita
Just Dance Japan
Rumors of 3DS redesign are squandered
Zelda Skyward Sword bundle
Dragon Quest 10 is an MMO with a subscription fee
Kim Swift's new game = Quantum Conundrum
Gearbox promises new Duke game
Skyrim on 1 XBox 360 disc

Music this week comes from Dark Cloud!

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