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Sep 28, 2011

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It's flashback Tuesday! The classic 4PP crew is keeping it real this week with talk of hot topics like Dead Island, Deus Ex, and Jersey Shore as told from the perspective of Old Snake! Also, there are only a few days left to nominate us for a podcast award so help us out by clicking the link below!

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Podcast 239 - [download]

- Kirby Mass Attack (David)
- Deus Ex: Human Revolution (David)
- Driver: San Francisco (David)
- Dead Island (Nick/David)
- Ico/Shadow of the Colossus (Nick)
- Robot Alchemic Drive (Brad)

- Journey gets a release window
- Lionsgate to make a Dead Island film
- Dead Space 3 plot details leaked
- Star Wars: The Old Republic coming in December
- Crysis coming to Consoles in early October
- I Am Alive rated by ESRB
- Jade Empire not forgotten by Bioware

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