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Jan 16, 2014

og:image:, 2013 Awards Show, The Last of Us, The Stanley Parable, Gone Home

2013 was an insane year for gaming. Whether it was the crazy good storytelling of The Last of Us or the hilariously effective commentary offered by The Stanley Parable, there was no shortage of unique and exhilerating experiences to be had. We reflect on the year and talk about the games that stood out to us the most. If you like the show, please spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, etc!

Podcast 346 - [download]



Best Looking Game
Best World/Universe
Best Boss Fight
Best New Character
Best Debut
Best Storytelling
Most Innovative Developer
Best Soundtrack
Best Downloadable Game
Best Multiplayer Experience
Biggest Surprise
Best DLC
Biggest Disappointment
Best Game from Another Year
Best Game that Nobody Played
Trust Fall Award
Worst Game that Everybody Played
Biggest Regret
Number 11 Award

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