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Feb 12, 2015

og:image:, Darkest Dungeon, Besiege, Stranded Deep, Apotheon, Dying Light, Patreon Questions

We host our first podcast since launching our brand new website, community forum, and Patreon campaign! On top of that, we have plenty of new games to talk about this week! Strangely enough, 3 of these "NEW" games (Darkest Dungeon, Stranded Deep, and Besiege) are all in Steam early access and are being praised for their various degrees of success. Nick was finally able to dive into Dying Light and we kick off our revamped community segment by answering several questions submitted to us by our Patrons!

Podcast 398 - [download]



Darkest Dungeon
Stranded Deep
Dying Light
Patreon Questions
and more...

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