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Nov 30, 2008

Here's the new Top 5 recorded last night. Brad, Nick, and myself go over the

025 - Top 5 Games We wish We'd Spent More Time Playing in 2008

Nov 15, 2008


We get together and talk about the Top 5 Gateway games that we'd use to get someone into playing games.

024 - Top 5 Gateway Games

Show #65 - The 2-player Show + Top Five

Jun 3, 2008

So through some technically difficulties, I'm having problems uploading the show. So temporarily, I've put them up for download somewhere else. Also there's the video live recording on JTV if you like visuals with your audio enjoyment.

Show #65 - The 2-Player Show [Click Here]
[Podcast Video Version]

Top 5...

Podcast #064 - Show Numeral LXIV

May 25, 2008

Hey guys,

This weeks show and Top Five has been posted in the Podcast section. Nick's in China now so it was Travis, Brad, and David this week.

Or if you'd prefer, here is the live video recording from last night. [Show 64]

Please download and...

New Podcasts Uploaded

May 20, 2008

We've got all the shows uploaded if you want to check the Podcasts section. There's the new shows recorded this week..

063 - The Sloppy Intro Show [Live Recording]
009 - Top Five Video Game Locations [Live Recording]
(Brad and Nick call it Episode 8, but it's really 9)

And then we also have last weeks Top Five's...