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Oct 27, 2012

Mike is back and he brought beer! With just a week left before the big release season kicks into full swing, we take the chance to talk up a new indie, murder-simulator called Hotline Miami. Kris fills us in on the predictability and overall underwhelming existence of Medal of Honor Warfighter and Christopher Walken...

Oct 24, 2012

Time for Cocktail Time...LIVE!

Here we go again! This week Joseph Christ and Bob Webb sit down with 4Player writer Chris Davis to talk about video games during this Pre-PAX Prime show. We cover Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders 2, Jesus Hand Jobs, and being hit on by gay Japanese men at hot springs!

Live Show:


Oct 21, 2012

Dishonored, the new stealth-action game from Arkane and Bethesda has certainly been one of the highlights of 2012. Jeff and Nick take this opportunity to have a detailed discussion of Dishonored while focusing more on a few of the games shortcomings. If you have not yet finished the game, avoid the ending because we...

Oct 20, 2012

4Player Podcast Episode 290

Mike makes his long awaited return to the podcast to regale us with tales of his travels in Dishonored. We spend some time talking about "The Unfinished Swan," a downloadable indie title that Sony adopted and pushed as another colorful addition to their digital catalog. On the topic of Sony, we spend a lot of time...

Oct 12, 2012

Podcast 289 - The Censored Show

Our E3 2012 and PAX Prime Games of Show (Dishonored & XCOM Enemy Unknown) have finally hit and they are doing a lot to fill the void left by the disappointing release of Resident Evil 6. We have some serious game of the year contenders here folks! In the second segment, we talk Cliff Bleszinski and his surprise...