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Oct 29, 2015

og:image:, Star Wars Episode VII Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water Assassin's Creed Syndicate Tales from the Borderlands TimeSplitters 2 Manhunt Wild Detroit: Becoming Human

Halloween is approaching and as one might expect, we are delving deep into the latest entry in the Fatal Frame franchise! Brad covers the ins and outs of the new game and explains why this may not be best game in the series unfortunately. Jack fills in for Nolan this week and inspires a lovely nostalgic, conversation...

Oct 25, 2015

og:image:, The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone DLC Guitar Hero Live Minecraft: Story Mode

In Nick's absence this week, our good friend Mike stops by to talk about the big Witcher 3 DLC, Hearts of Stone! In a surprise twist, we talk Guitar Hero Live and it's GHTV mode (not to be confused with HGTV) and Nolan even tried out the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode from Telltale!

Podcast 430 -

Oct 15, 2015

og:image:, Transformers: Devastation Metal Gear Solid V: Online Rebel Galaxy Star Wars Battlefront (Beta)

If you have any questions about the quality of Transformers: Devastation, we got you covered this week. Nolan also discusses the moral ambiguities of space piracy in Rebel Galaxy and we finally have a chance to delve into Metal Gear Solid V Online. Also, buckle up for one of the most ridiculous tangents we've ever gone...

Oct 8, 2015

og:image:, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Ring of Red Advanced Wars Rainbow Six Siege Far Cry Primal Announcement Cyberpunk 2077 Rumors

We go way back in this week's episode to discuss some hidden gems of generations past including Enslaved: Odyssey of the West and a variety of Tactical games like Ring of Red and Advanced Wars. Early impressions of Rainbow Six Siege (beta) are discussed and the news is packed this week with a new, exciting Far Cry...

Oct 1, 2015

og:image:, SOMA The Witcher (books) Destiny: The Taken King Journey Mad Max

This week, we delve deep into the weird world of watching television in the Simon's household... On the video game front, Nick tries desperately to share his opinion on SOMA while speaking in generalities so as not to spoil the game's more interesting aspects. We revisit the Witcher 3 in an unexpected way and even talk...