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Feb 28, 2010


Thanks to my upcoming vacation, we had to record early this week! Joseph and Nolan join me and Brad to discuss a major game release; not only a major release for Sony but an important release for gaming as a whole. Quantic Dream's ambitious interactive mystery hit store shelves this week and we already finished...

Feb 27, 2010


Jam Packed: Yakuza 3 Demo and Cuts, Trajectile, Link N Launch, Echoshift, Intelligent Systems, Advance Wars, Super Street Fighter IV, Nintendo Release Dates, Alexander O Smith, Far Cry 3, & E3 talk. Also Special Guest.

041 – Lunch @ Nintendo School -

Feb 24, 2010


Due to an unfortunate technological failure, the first podcast of the evening was lost but never fear, our lengthy spoiler discussion of Mass Effect 2/Dragon Age Origins is safe! SPOILER WARNING! We discuss our experiences and opinions of ME2, the events of our individual endings, and the obvious effects that the...

Feb 17, 2010


Once again, the stars align as we take our seats around the table to discuss another epic week in games! I am joined by Brad, Joseph, and the intern Nolan for a fun discussion of 2K's Bioshock 2. We touch on a few other games such as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Darksiders, and Dragon Age Origins. We discussed...

Feb 14, 2010


Everything from Valkyria to Dante's Inferno...

040 – Valentine's with Brad -