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Jun 14, 2020

We return to the fold this week with a special episode featuring 3 distinct segments! First up, Sony finally revealed the Playstation 5 along with a lineup of new games so we run down the list and give our thoughts. In the 2nd segment, David joins the group to have a SPOILER-FILLED discussion about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake - What happened and what does it all mean?! Finally, we wrap up the show with our SPOILER-FILLED look at Half Life: Alyx which, to everyone's surprise, finally addressed the decade long cliffhanger of Half Life 2!

As mentioned at the start of the show, we encourage everyone to take advantage of the awesome Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality which supports a very important cause AND scores you upwards of 1600 games for as little as $5!  Bundle expires on June 15th!