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Jul 19, 2010


Brad, Nick, and David sit down to talk about Toy Story 3, Red Faction Guerrilla, Death Spank, Sakura Wars, and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor


Games Played:
Toy Story 3 (David)
Red Faction Guerilla (Nick & David)
Death Spank (Brad)
Sakura Wars: So Long My Love (Brad)
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Brad)

Wii Plateau
PS3, 3DS, & Touch Screen
New NIS Games
Twisted Metal @ Comic-Con
Rockstar Layoffs & RDR DLC
Plants vs Zombies on XB360
Double Fine/Brutal Legend 2

Chatter 4 the Week
Andrew (Calamitous) vs. Alan (Killacure)

Community News

Viewer Questions Answered This Week:
Less Time with Characters (Zekana)
Changed Opinion (Blackholesun)
Before We Die Game (Kegory)
Mainstream Feature (Alex)
RTS on Consoles (Darknezz)

4Player Minute