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May 28, 2012

Nolan make his triumphant return to 4Player and now that all of that school nonsense is over with, he has been playing a lot of Dragon's Dogma. In fact, Dragon's Dogma is kind of a theme on this weeks show since it has us singing and dancing and busting out the hand lotion left and right! Game dates and delays are abound as well as some some disheartening news about 38 Studios. It is a great week to play games (not make them) so tune in, grab some summer sausage, perhaps some hand lotion, and bask in our exuberant light!

Podcast 272 - [download]

Dragon's Dogma (Nick/Brad/Nolan/Kris)
Max Payne 3 (Kris)

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Audible Impressions - Mass Effect 3 Spoilercast
Audible Impressions - Xenoblade Chronicles

This week's break music is a remix from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
'The Whip's Memory'- Download Here

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