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Feb 19, 2016


"Have You Seen this Man?" -- If you haven't, you definitely should! In the first Popcorn Cast of 2016, Nick, Nolan, and Krispy discuss (and spoil the hell out of) Deadpool; the first raunchy, R-rated film in the X-Men universe and hopefully not the last! Ryan Reynolds' long struggle to bring this character to life has...

Feb 18, 2016

og:image:, Firewatch Dying Light: The Following The Witness XCOM 2 Xbox One Dying Exclusivity

We are up to our ears in gaming discussions this week! We cover the brief but memorable indie darling, Fire Watch; a game that ultimately feels more like a character study than a mystery. Nick and Nolan share their love for the exciting new expansion to Dying Light; and what podcast in 2016 would be complete without...

Feb 13, 2016

og:image:, XCOM 2 The Witcher 3 Firewatch The Witness Oxenfree

This week's podcast is a learning experience to be sure thanks to Nolan and his surprise lesson on Factorials. Of course, there are also a million games to talk about so get ready for some serious XCOM 2 talk; a game that seems to inspire both love and hate in equal measure. We revisit the Witness, Nick shares...

Feb 4, 2016

og:image:, PAX South! Enter the Gungeon Stories: The Path of Destinies Night in the Woods Invisigun Heroes

We spent the past weekend in San Antonio for the 2nd Annual PAX South convention and despite being the smallest of the PAX events, the show still had some gems. We talk in depth about our impressions of games like Enter the Gungeon, Stories, Invisigun Heroes, and more!

PAX South 2016 - [download]



Feb 4, 2016

og:image:, The Witness PAX South Wrap Up The Division Beta Virtua Dolls!

Hot damn! The Witness is upon us and is blowing minds left and right! We discuss our early impressions of the latest game from the mind of Jonathan Blow while doing our best not to spoil the magic. Chris Davis tries to sell us on the Division after spending a weekend with the Beta to varying degrees of success (or...