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Jan 15, 2023

With our 'Game of the Year' content behind us, we finally have some time to talk about the games we've been playing in the background for the past few weeks. Nolan introduces Dark and Darker which is currently in development but undergoing Alpha playtests; Despite it's early nature, it seems to have serious potential. Nick finally has a chance to talk about Chained Echoes after weeks of digging into this beautiful throwback to retro JRPGs. On top of that, he finally tore through Chernobylite, a game that has been on his backlog for years. Brad dishes on Citizen Sleeper - a game that could have easily been a GOTY contender had he played it in 2022. In the 2nd segment, we talk shady draft trades and ask the question: When is a game too big to fail critically? Will Starfield fall into the same trap as Cyberpunk 2077?