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Apr 19, 2011

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Instead of talking about boring video games this week, we talk about the things that really matter... like Nintendo's terrible environmental habits and Brad's life as a closet headbanger. That was a joke. Actually David talks Metro 2033 and Saint's Row while Brad fills us in on why Divinity 2 shouldn't be overlooked. In the news, we speculate about the release of Nintendo's next console and the repercussions that this may have on the future of the Zelda franchise. With some news about the upcoming Twisted Metal and Elder Scrolls titles, a perfect storm of gaming is brewing. Enjoy!


Games Played:
Brad: Might & Magic (XBLA), Divinity 2
David: Rock Band Green Day, Metro 2033, Saint's Row 2
Nick & Nolan: Dragon Age 2

News: (Announcements)
Wii 2 rumors
Wii price drop - Now $170
Dragon's Dogma announcement
Twisted Metal updates & release date
Red Faction Armageddon will not feature competitive multiplayer
Motorstorm Apocalypse finally gets a release date
Dino Crisis 2 & Threads of Fate rated by ESRB for PSN
Elder Scrolls V updates

Chatter 4 the Week
Viewer Q&A

Chatter 4 the Week:
Reach4theskyler vs. VolgZangief

4Player Minute

Music this week comes from The Legend of Dragoon
Track 1: Lohan
Track 2: Bale

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